Tools for Transformation

The Essences of Egypt

Ancient Times
Egypt's ancient name was 'Al-chemia',  'Khem'  or 'Khemt' meaning 'black fertile soil'. It was well known for being the land of transformation. Egypt exists simultaneously in the past and present. One can still visit the ancient temples and feel the strong energy from one of the world’s greatest power points.

Egypt remains the land of transformation. There is an understood spiritual law here that you always learn your lessons twice as hard in Egypt. Generally people either love Egypt or hate it. That probably depends on whether the person is ready to embrace the transformation or not.

Modern Land
Since ancient times seekers have come to Egypt to learn. The ancient wisdom still vibrates in the stones. The Essences of Egypt is a project started by Leslie Zehr. Leslie left western culture back in the 1980’s to make her home in this ancient land. She served the goddess Hat-hor in a modern day temple in Cairo for more than 20 years.

This website is dedicated to modern-day seekers. It works as a hub connecting all the 'essences' of Egypt both ancient and present day. Here we explore the Sacred Art with links to the modern re-emergence of ancient arts and esoteric wisdom. This page provides information about products and services aimed to assist the modern-day seeker on their journey through the ancient land.

Sacred Journeys

  • The intrinsic or indispensable properties that serve to characterize or identify something.
  • The most important ingredient; the crucial element.
  • The inherent, unchanging nature of a thing or class of things.
  • An extract that has the fundamental properties of a substance in concentrated form.
  • Such an extract in a solution of alcohol.
  • A perfume or scent.
  • One that has or shows an abundance of a quality as if highly concentrated: a neighbor who is the essence of hospitality.
  • Something that exists, especially a spiritual or incorporeal entity.

About Leslie

Leslie Zehr is the author of The Alchemy of Dance: Sacred Dance as a Path to the Universal Dancerand The Al-chemia Remedies: Vibrational Essences from Egyptian Flowers and Sacred Sites, and creator of the Al-chemia Remedies.

Leslie left western culture in 1986 to make her home in Egypt. She is one of the very few writers and teachers of esoteric wisdom that actually resides in Egypt. In 1995 Leslie opened one of the very first Centre's for Health and Well-being in Egypt. The Centre offers a sacred space for education and spiritual growth.

Leslie is Cairo’s most prominent Aromatherapist. In February 2006 she presented a talk to the Doctors at the National Research Center of Egypt as a way to introduce Aromatherapy to Department of Complementary Therapies. Presently she creates hand-made cosmetics and teaches workshops on Aromatherapy and making your own products. She also works as a consultant for companies in the new emerging Aromatherapy market in Egypt.


Egypt the Land of Transformation