Tools for Transformation

The Essences of Egypt

Egypt is well known for being the land of transformation. The word Alchemy comes from the ancient pharaonic name for Egypt ‘Al-chemia’ or ‘Al-khem’ meaning the fertile black soil. As well as being a power point, Egypt is a perfect location for making power remedies. Flower remedies are prepared by potentizing the flowers in the sun. The strong sun of Egypt is very conducive for making strong remedies.

The Remedies were made in Egypt a very ancient place, vibrating with ancient wisdom through the voice of our teachers, the flowers. They speak and translate into form the vibrations and wisdom present around us. Unlike 'higher' life forms with over developed minds, flowers work only for the highest good. Flowers are the symbol of Divine unfolding into manifestation. A seed is planted and grows to its highest most beautiful potential, and then blossoms into a flower, absolute beauty, divinity in physical form. By capturing this energy in the matrix of water we can use it for our own evolution, to activate our 'sleeping' DNA to become whole, to unfold and blossom into OUR highest potential fully alive on every level of existence.

The flowers and sites for the remedies were selected by inspiration. The whole project was done through guidance. Each remedy has its own individual significance as well as being part of a greater whole. These remedies are not just a flower, a place, but also a moment in time. Their purpose is to aid us through this major period of transformation through personal alchemy.

All the remedies were prepared in Egypt at different points in time. There are several different themes and sets. The Al-chemia Remedies are a set (see below) that are meant to be used together as a process for transformational work. There is a single flower remedy, Larkspur, which will be available January 2014.

The Al-chemia Remedies are a line of remedies created in Egypt between the years 2000-2004. They consist of Egyptian Flower and Sacred Sites Remedies. These remedies work as environmental essence as well flower essence. There are 20 remedies and will not be any more in this set. The number twenty vibrates with the goddess energy. They are presented as couples one in spirit one in matter vibrating to the harmonics of the numbers 1 through 10.

The remedies were prepared during an auspicious time, 2000-2004, the years from the new millennium leading up to the Venus transit. The last remedy was made at the Temple of the Sun while Venus was passing between the sun and the earth. They can be used to assist us with the deep transformational work needed during this time.

These remedies are named the Al-chemia Remedies not just because of the ancient name of Egypt but also because they work as catalysts for our own personal alchemy. We are in a period of great change, the evolution of consciousness. The Mayan calendar explains this evolution very well. It also illustrates how we will be activated on all levels of existence simultaneously on the seventh day of the Universal cycle.

Many people talk about shifting or activating our DNA. There is a lot to explore here. One thing we do know is that presently we use only a small portion of our DNA. Estimates vary from 10% to one third. Either way there is a lot of unused DNA, from 90% or two-thirds! Scientists call these unused portions of DNA 'junk' or 'useless' DNA. The Universe runs by Divine order and conservation of energy so it is very unlikely that we produce, in our bodies, huge amounts of 'useless'...anything. There needs to be a better theory. As we evolve and embrace the new and ancient sciences this all comes to light.

One of those new theories is that this 'misunderstood' DNA holds our history, the history of our ancestors, the planet and possibly the whole Universe. The Mayan calendar supports this theory. Samuel Hahnemann, the father of Homeopathy, proposed this theory back in the late 1700's before science knew anything about DNA or genetics!

Hahnemann spoke about Miasms. Miasms are basically inherited energy patterns. These patterns are passed down through experiences from our parents and previous generations. This is why taking a patients family history is so important. He explained it through the model of disease, passing on the energy pattern of a disease that the parent had experiences. He also said that something even more potent than having the disease was the fear of getting the disease. As well as proposing a theory for inheritance he also presented the idea of inheritance of emotional states, most importantly the devastating impact of fear on our energy system. These are influences that modern science is only now beginning to understand.
This theory comes up in many places, over and over again. When we stop go inside and listen we can feel it, we know it is true. We have been analyzing, processing, detoxifying, doing shadow work, all to take us back deep inside and clean out the closets.

This is where the Al-chemia Remedies come in. They work as catalysts to activate and resolve our DNA issues. The issues we carry deep inside need to vibrate, come into the light so that we can see them and embrace them. Fear lives in the shadows because it is an illusion deep inside of us. When be bring it into the light it can not longer haunt us. We need to live with and use all our DNA to be whole. We need to evolve on all levels, live on all levels from our energy to atoms, to cells, to simple life forms, to our present complex beings, all at the same time to see ourselves as part of the whole, because we are the whole. The whole Universe vibrates inside of us and when we can feel it we will know it.

Al-chemia Remedies