Skincare is often a part of a healthy lifestyle that is overlooked. The skin is the larges organ in the body so proper skincare is paramount to a health body. It is the bodies first line of defence as well as being used for absorption and elimination. The skin reflects inner state of health.

The face is the first thing that people see about a person. So having a 'health glow' makes an important first impression. The face expresses our inner emotional state and can also be used to diagnose our physical state. In order to radiate natural beauty we need healthy skin.

Custom Blended Cosmetics
All products are hand-made by Leslie herself. Cosmetics are custom blended to your specific need and prepared on demand, no preservative or artificial ingredients.

Tools for Transformation

How can we achieve healthy skin?

Commercial products contain preservatives, hormones and sometimes toxic substances. They can often do more harm than good. Sometimes they just sit on surface of skin, so even if they contain healthy ingredients they cannot actually penetrate the skin.

The best way to achieve healthy skin is to use natural cosmetics that contain ingredients from environment with no preservatives. These items include vegetable/carrier oils (such as olive, almost or jojoba oil), fruits and vegetables. Aromatherapy is one of the best ways to achieve healthy skin. With Aromatherapy is very simple to create pure and natural skincare products using essential oils and floral waters.

Leslie Zehr is Cairo’s most prominent Aromatherapist she custom blends cosmetics as well as teaching workshops showing individuals how to make them for themselves. As well as being an Aromatherapist Leslie is the creator of the Al-chemia Remedies. She is a Homeopath and a certified Cosmetician and Make-up Artist with a background in Biochemistry. Her unique qualification and expertise in the fields of Aromatherapy and energetic preparations make for a high quality product.

Aromatherapy Skincare

The Essences of Egypt

“Beauty-The quality that gives pleasure to the mind or senses and is associated with such properties as harmony of form or color, excellence of artistry, truthfulness, and originality.”