Egyptian Unguents

Unguents  are sacred ritual balms prepare from ancient recipes. They are made with essential oils and sometimes remedies. The base is a wax, such as bees wax or shea butter. Each unguent is hand crafted by Leslie using only the highest quality ingredients.

Unguents are used for Clarity and Meditation. Because they are solid they can be easily applied to specific areas, such as the Third Eye, or energetic points in the body.

A luxurious blend of floral, citrus and marjoram. Marjoram is well known for it’s sedative properties, creating a deep sense of relaxation. The blend can be used in a candle diffuser; add 3 drops on top of the water of the diffuser. Relax and Enjoy!


A blend created specifically to freshen the air. Reduces the effects of pollution and bad odors. Use in a candle diffuser by adding 3 drops on top of the water to fragrance a room or bathroom.


Theraputic Blends

  • essential oil blends
  • pure essential oils

"Flowers are the symbol of Divine unfolding into manifestation. A seed is planted and grows to its highest most beautiful potential, and then blossoms into a flower, absolute beauty, divinity in physical form".—Leslie Zehr from The Al-chemia Remedies: Vibrational Essences from Egyptian Flowers and Sacred Sites

Cleaning Essentials

A healthy alternative to toxic cleaners, the blend is made from pure essential oils. It can be used in commercially prepared cleaning products such as soaps and detergents to bring in a healthier fragrance. Or to go completely natural, prepare your own glass and counter cleaner. In a spray bottle add 1-cup white vinegar, 2-cups water and 15-drops of Cleaning Essentials blend, shake and use.


Ritual and Healing


Elixirs are blends of floral water, essential oils and Al-chemia Remedies. Each Elixir is blended with a specific intention. The formulas came in through inspiration either in dreams, during the Dance, from traditional sources or during gatherings. The Elixirs are used mainly for ritual or creating sacred space.

The Essences of Egypt

Aromatic Synergy

An Aromatic Synergy is an aromatherapy blend from pure essential oils. Synergy is a phenomenon in which the "whole (blend) is greater than the sum of its parts".

Floral Alchemy

Blended specifically for times when great mental focus is needed, such as studying or technical work. Use in a candle diffuser by adding 3 drops on top of the water while studying. Apply a few drops to a tissue that can be inhaled during an exam.

Insect Repellent
This is a blend of essential oils known for their insect repellent qualities. This blend is a safe non-toxic alternative to commercial brands. Use in a candle diffuser by adding 3 drops on top of the water to repel mosquitos. For ants: drop a few drops where they come out of their holes or rub their ant trails with a paper towel with one or two drops of the blend.

This is a blend to reduce conflict. It is excellent in a room where an argument has occurred or to create harmony within groups. Use in a candle diffuser by adding 3 drops on top of the water to fragrance the room.

Tools for Transformation