Therapeutic Blends

Floral Alchemy

Egyptian Unguents

Unguents  are sacred ritual balms prepare from ancient recipes. They are made with essential oils and sometimes remedies. The base is a wax, such as bees wax or shea butter. Each unguent is hand crafted by Leslie using only the highest quality ingredients.

Unguents are used for Clarity and Meditation. Because they are solid they can be easily applied to specific areas, such as the Third Eye, or energetic points in the body.

Ritual and Healing


Elixirs are blends of floral water, essential oils and Al-chemia Remedies. Each Elixir is blended with a specific intention. The formulas came in through inspiration either in dreams, during the Dance, from traditional sources or during gatherings. The Elixirs are used mainly for ritual or creating sacred space.

Tools for Transformation

The Essences of Egypt

"Flowers are the symbol of Divine unfolding into manifestation. A seed is planted and grows to its highest most beautiful potential, and then blossoms into a flower, absolute beauty, divinity in physical form".—Leslie Zehr from The Al-chemia Remedies: Vibrational Essences from Egyptian Flowers and Sacred Sites

Egypt is well known for being the land of transformation. The word Alchemy comes from the ancient Pharaonic name for Egypt ‘Al-chemia’ or ‘Al-khem’ meaning the fertile black soil. As well as being a power point, Egypt is a perfect location for making power remedies. Flower remedies are prepared by potentizing the flowers in the sun. The strong sun of Egypt is very conducive for making strong remedies.

The Remedies were made in Egypt a very ancient place, vibrating with ancient wisdom through the voice of our teachers, the flowers. They speak and translate into form the vibrations and wisdom present around us. Unlike 'higher' life forms with over developed minds, flowers work only for the highest good. Read more...